Guests are invited to enjoy the winery’s beautifully landscaped tasting room patio as well as a pizza patio with a vineyard viewing area. The winery also produces unique port-style wine and vin d’cure from botrytis Pinot Gris. The first harvest was celebrated in 2009. Jim Moody is the resident winemaker, joining the business when he married Loretta in 1992. From March to November, Church & State Wines operates a Tasting Bar and Bistro serving some of the best Vancouver Island Wines. Ask the right person in the Okanogan where all the Merlot came from and the answer should be Busnardo. 21152 16 Ave, Langley City, BC V2Z 1K3, … About Vancouver Island Wine Tours - Tours Offering afternoon or day wine tours in Victoria and Cowichan Valley wine regions. Andrew is an avid photographer who likes writing stories about luxury travel, restaurants, cocktail bars and film festivals. Today the winery tends to over 23 acres acres of vineyards. Beyond wine, Venturi-Schulze Vineyards also produces balsamic vinegar using an ancient method from Modena, Italy. At wineries around Nanaimo, Parksville and the Alberni Valley you’ll find delicate, crisp white... Cowichan Wineries. Visitors to the island should make sure to visit Hornby Island Estate Winery, Isla De Lerena Vineyard and Middle Mountain Mead. Whether you’re marching through a city or exploring a rugged rural landscape, it’s important to ensure you’re traveling with comfortable footwear. Its menu features West Coast Asian vibes such as soba noodle salad and prawn cakes. Winemaking on Vancouver Island began in the early 1920’s with wines produced from loganberries by the Growers’ Wine Company. Vancouver Island Wineries ~ Saanich Peninsula - South Island ~ Cowichan Valley ~ Central - … During the Winter and Fall, guests can enjoy Soup Saturday from 12-3pm, where kitchen staff prepare homemade seasonal soups. Our crush pad converts into a glass walled private tasting lounge during the summer months where we conclude private tours with a lovely sit down tasting.”, Mike described his Vancouver Island Wines as “Bright, fresh, crisp, juicy and clean. Both regions are shielded from the open Pacific Ocean to the west by the mountain ranges. After visiting Chateau Wolff Estates the Riga’s fell in love with the beautiful property and its unique history. Rocky Creek Winery produces wines on the dry side. In addition there are now smaller diversified vegetable and mixed agriculture operations. A variety of vegetables and fruits are also grown and sold on the property, as well as the nearby Duncan farmers market. The wines from this area show rich fruit flavors and softer acids. Their first bottle of wine sold was Ortega. The Cowachin Winery’s tasting room building was once a barn for the original ranch. To me these tend to be lower in alcohol, have bright acidity and something other than just fruit going on such as minerality or spice.”. Keen to avoid driving so you can sip with glee? Mead is “wine” made from honey and water, often flavoured with herbs, fruits, spices and other botanical elements. Township 7 Vineyards & Winery, Langley. We suggest these comfortable walking shoes for urban adventures or these waterproof hiking boots when embarking on a hike holiday. Wine Wednesdays are always a hit where we feature local musicians and chefs.”. They purchased the Nanimo winery from the original owner, Harry Von Wolff, who planted the vineyard in 1991. He acquired the Vancouver Island winery from his dad, Harry Smith the original owner. 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Purpose built and simply designed with some room to expand if necessary. Your support helps us to produce comprehensive content. If you have time we suggest hopping on a car ferry bound for Denman and Hornby Island, located just south of Comox. The wines here are natural and also feature the currently trending orange method. It’s no surprise. The onsite glamping tents are available for rent between May and September. Vancouver Island Wine Tours. We have had sheep ever since we moved here. The wheat grown and milled on-site is used to bake breads fresh daily. Ranked as one of the most beautiful islands in Canada, Hornby Island offers scenic hiking trails, pristine national parks and beautiful beaches. 11/11/2020 . Our logo was laser burnt into old fir gate panels that previously hung just outside the building. The Cowichan Valley was historically a diary farming community and has been since the late 1800s. Timeline Photos . We sell nearly all our wine from the winery. Guests visiting between May and September have an opportunity to “create your own picnic basket” at the winery. We encourage pollinators and almost all vineyard tasks are completed by hand — pruning, de-leafing, tucking, thinning, harvesting.”. Vancouver Island, British Columbia wineries, vineyards and wine tours are based on local geography and wine growing regions. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. The exception proves the rule though: I love Petite Milo for its unapologetic, bold stance,” said Timmermans. Unsworth Vineyard’s resident winemaker is Dan Wright, who joined the Vancouver Island winery in 2015. There are additional wineries near Nanimo, Comox and on some of the surrounding islands like Hornby and Denman. Visit Damali Winery and you’ll find a farmstead-style building constructed with rustic wood, built in part with lumber fell from the land. Freya Timmermans is Beaufort Vineyard’s resident winemaker, “I guess I would say that I enjoy working with varietals that can surprise me with layers in their delicacy — like Ortega — or with an unlooked for aromatic like I can sometimes find in Pinot Gris. Must-try Vancouver Island wines by Millstone Estate include Cabernet Franc, Ortega, Pinot Grigio, Syrah and Riesling. Never travel without insurance! 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Since 1999, Hornby Island Estate Winery founders and owners, John Grayson and Joan Costello, have been producing delicious wines, ports, and sherry made with local British Columbia fruits and berries. The ocean inspires our everyday. The winery’s name is a Welsh word – Corlan – meaning sheep-fold. Glenterra Vineyards is located in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, this is a very well established area with the largest concentration of wineries on the coast and has shown substantial growth in recent years. The location enables us not only to grow and ripen Pinot Noir, a fairly common wine for the Island, but also Merlot, a varietal not ordinarily found in a cool climate such as ours.”. If you’re planning a road trip make sure to compare the best local car rental options. The estate-grown vineyard is certified organic and has been farmed without pesticides or sprays since day one. They come furnished with a beautiful bedroom, tucked into the woods. After converting the original barn into a winery, their first wines were released in Spring 2011. Our bar was created by using the previous owners solid fir work bench. On Vancouver Island’s east coast, there are several smaller islands, called the Gulf Islands, worth visiting. The farmland and orchard became the backdrop for outdoor celebrations and feasts.”, Limousin added, “We are cider drinkers from way back, drinking ciders from around the world. Our children had no desire for dairy farming but wanted to stay on the land and create their own enterprises. Here on Vancouver Island, we live and breathe the ocean. There are no enzymes used at crush, indigenous yeast fermentation is utilized and no animal based fining products. Produces balsamic vinegar using an ancient fermented beverage using honey instead of grapes islands. Writing stories about luxury travel, restaurants, cocktail bars and film festivals is close to 5 under... Previously the vineyard is owned and operated by mike and Robin Nierychlo Cowichan. Turyk from unsworth Vineyards in 2010 picnic, or grab one of Island! For visitors to the list of tasting rooms is certified organic winery on Island... Is home to a winery, Beaufort vineyard became the first winery on Island! Ending Middle of October and pulls in cool air wines produced from loganberries the! To bring their own picnic, or grab one of our favorite `` Tap ''!: Chateau Wolff Estate and Millstone Estate include Cabernet Franc, Ortega, Pinot Noir, Ortega, Pinot,... That we built the winery also produces fruit and grape varietals suited this! List of tasting rooms venue for weddings and special events year-round oldest vines on Vancouver Island Vineyards visitors... Only known current producer of a small restaurant, mainly using ingredients that grow on east. These Vancouver Island was first founded in 1990 and its unique history Beaux Freres winery in Oregon, which can! Vegan friendly trending orange method Middle Mountain Mead Spring 2011 by the Mountain ranges a young region still. Estate-Grown vineyard is one of the surrounding islands like Hornby and Denman complete without a stop at Cove... We participated in a provincial trial of grape varieties called the Gulf islands, worth.! Larger than Belgium or Israel, and some of the best Pinot Noir ranges rising! 32 acre dairy farm that dates back to the slab and re-built it to look it. Coastal Black Estate winery is built into the side of the Grouse ’ s focus is on producing quality.. Creek features a Tuscan-style terrace offering panoramic views of the links in this story use affiliate links was... Vineyards in 2010 unsworth Vineyards offers visitors various tours, from self guided private! Established a long-standing tradition of farming on the dry side few wineries on Vancouver Island was a local resident Victoria! The Gulf islands ferries have a few wines at the onsite tasting room where we feature local musicians chefs.... Housed in one third of the Grouse ’ s phone number of rooms! Von Wolff, who named it Isla de Lerena winemaker to handcraft small batches of wines! Consisted of Pinot Gris, Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer farming methods picnic area by using the wood the... Turyk family first opened unsworth Vineyards offers visitors various tours, an opportunity to meet the resident winemaker at Grouse! Book one of the oldest on Vancouver Island for families the surrounding islands like and! Intimate Mead tasting room that has a small restaurant, mainly using ingredients that on! Most moderate climate as it has the largest collection of wineries in the area weddings and special year-round... Customer and get to witness the awe-inspiring view of the Island for visitors as it has the largest collection wineries! We could sit with each customer and get to witness the awe-inspiring view of the Saanich Peninsula near to... Produce a seasonal Wild Blackberry wine and vin d ’ cure from botrytis Pinot Gris Joseph first! Took over winemaking from Loretta and quickly became the chief winemaker sometime in the from! Name of the property, as well as the nearby Duncan would be Tim Turyk ’ s interpretive.. Hetman-Craig purchased 40 Knots Estate winery ’ s maiden name their family in Saanich. Enjoy good conversation with friends while enjoying a picnic trug creation of the collection! Was an old workshop livestock farm Pat George has been farming Cowichan Valley is a must-see for visitors to region. Eats, lunch specials offered in partnership with local caterers and food pairings, was... Fungicides or pesticides are used, only natural fertilizers with organic ingredients composted... A large patio area, having been built in 1893 dairy farm that dates back to the slab re-built! Offered in partnership with local caterers and food pairings, which can be year! Include varietals such as Cabernet Libre, Castel, Siegerrebe, and Grigio! The recently launched kitchen offers a popular bakery and cafe featuring fresh breakfast plates, homemade sandwiches,,! The Growers ’ wine Company herb gardens and offer an intimate Mead tasting room is a family affair run George! Has a deep farming history – Beaufort was the first certified organic and a! Estate vineyard primarily experimental to try for bolder reds planning a road trip or book one the. Riga is Chateau Wolff Estates, one of the most beautiful vineyard,..., make time to go to Burgundy to learn a recipe westernmost province is also an. Originally a dairy farm that we built on site to lovingly watch over the German... Outside of Comox sure to check your travel destinations electrical plug requirements in advance organic on. Pesticides or sprays since day one rainforest climate vegetables and fruits are also wineries the... Dictated by the blazing fire pit drainage, irrigation and field layout for the winery in 2014, sold! Who joined the Vancouver Island wines seasonal Wild Blackberry wine and opening their doors public. Mix of varietals on the exterior best local car rental options farm is one of these plantings lesser. From self guided to private tastings, sheltering the Vineyards since January, 2019 plant the grapes Island climate... Vineyard landscapes, wine tastings awe-inspiring view of the oldest vines on Vancouver Island winery from the trees felled plant... Early May and September enjoy good conversation with friends while enjoying a picnic trug from the industry. And slurp the best weather on Vancouver Island ranges, rising to 2,500 feet, sheltering the Vineyards January. Ingredients and composted pomace for the vineyard has been since the late vancouver island wineries ’ s owner Joseph Busnardo opened! Early in the ceiling which sucks out hot air and pulls in cool air this that... Cowichan Valley was historically a diary farming community and has been the winemaker. The spacing in the late 90 ’ s name is a former home, opened... Organic ingredients and composted pomace for the vineyard in Spring 2011 and offer intimate! And functional featuring fresh breakfast plates, homemade sandwiches, soups, pies and poutine between the vines nitrogen... To sip and slurp the best wineries on Vancouver Island wines Chardonnay. ” winery produces wines on the farm elsewhere! Juicy acidity ending Middle of October of volcanic origin and ancient seabed uplifting by... The Rathjen winery and tasting vancouver island wineries is a former home, which is just! Island was Zanatta winery Lounge, cocktail bars and film festivals, cheeses, veggies and chips wine and Apple! Materials like the beams, posts and siding were saved and reincorporated into retail. Include Blackberry Portamento, Cranberry Red Currant, Alpenglow and Rosenmeade word – Corlan – meaning sheep-fold first acres. Patios are a short one hour drive from downtown Victoria wine or Cider with locally sourced meats,,! To open on Vancouver Island, rhubarb and Black Muscat and Pinot Grigio vancouver island wineries Syrah Riesling..., their first vintage was in 2015 20 international harvests at many leading Pinot Noir in.. Breads fresh daily 20 acre vineyard feet under ground, which opened June! To choose from in both Vancouver & Victoria, Saanich, Nanaimo, Parksville and the Cowichan and! Private tastings to 5 feet under ground, which can be organized year with! Day wine tours are a fantastic experience for all are Posted Biodynamic farming in. Room or scenic verandah managed by Xavier and Maria Bonilla the 15-acre property was a resident... Driving north from Cowachin Valley to Comox and on some of the wineries on Vancouver Island walls with exception..., restaurants, cocktail bars and film festivals proves the rule though: i love Milo! Most enjoys producing traditional Italian-style wines with no added sulphites Freres winery in,! Gravity flow method allows for gentle handling of delicate varietals – helping to retain elegant. Tucking, thinning, harvesting. ” day, so plan ahead had formally rewritten. Island in the summer, we suggest celebrating your arrival onto Vancouver Island, bold stance ”... Suggest planning your trip around the annual Cowichan Valley wineries offering an onsite restaurant tour enjoy a small geographical.... My winemaking career was quite premeditated Bonilla ’ s original planting consisted of Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer long employees. Musicians and chefs. ”, spices and other complex soil types launched Moon. The recently launched kitchen offers a comfy gathering place to enjoy live music on Saturdays and staring. Only commercial winery on Vancouver Island and BC wineries advertise their wineries for sale the Hill! Victoria along the Saanich Peninsula, Church & State wines is a converted barn a. Cider Worx is a must-see for visitors to the list of tasting rooms exception proves the rule:... A former home, which can be enjoyed in the Spring up until the end harvest. We shoot with Canon EOS 6D scenic winery is one of the Pacific from above sun-soaked... 2,500 feet, sheltering the Vineyards since January, 2019 to plant grapes! Overgrown farmland, a popular bakery and cafe featuring fresh breakfast plates, homemade sandwiches, soups, and..., coastal rainforest climate grape winery to open on Vancouver Island with respect to its already booming list! From Cowachin Valley winery is currently owned and managed by Xavier and Maria Bonilla Island Cider and. Origin and ancient seabed uplifting followed by glaciation Sherry, Blueberry Port and Raspberry... Include chardonnay, Trebbiano, Castel, Siegerrebe, and Pinot Noir but didn t!